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Shenzhen Beyond Tech Co.,Ltd Hongkong Beyond Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech manufacturer of Industrial and Video Surveillance Products in China, engaging in researching, designing, producing a wide range of security products, such as miniature ATM camera,face recognition camera, IR LED camera , bullet camera, dome camera, USB camera.....

Focusing on high quality, refined design, swift service,BEYOND has established a strong reputation for superior quality and reliability; with the result that BEYOND now has markets world widely. BEYOND has become the leader in miniaturization
 in the industry.

Global Sales

BEYOND cameras are favorably used in markets around the world,say nothing of our own home market. BEYOND cameras, which are of high quality with technical reliability,
 are used in police dept,jail,banks,medical devices,elevators,Lavy dept,buses,buildings,hotels etc. 86% of products are used government projects(police dept,jail,bank,medical devices)


BEYOND offers a speedy service and technical support system throughout our distribution network. We have agent
in different countries. Simultaneously we make it a sales policy to nurture mutual prosperity with our customers, creating a good business partnership and encouraging consultation by way of routine correspondence. In addition, we are seeking to accommodate products customized according to the requirements of our customers in a wide range of applications.

QCS- Quality Control System

BEYOND has established and is now fulfilling its own standard of quality control.IQC gives sampling test for incoming materials before storage and QC supervises the main processes in production using statistical methods. After a strict and long-period aging test, a camera is then acknowledged as a BEYOND product for our customers.

Certificates: ISO,CE,RoHS.